To celebrate International Permaculture Day on Sunday 4th May 2014 we announced that we're reprinting the original Farmers' Handbook in Nepali. Well it finally happened in January 2015 - better late than never! The Book is being distributed by HPC via its partner Sunrise Farm from its farm in Kathmandu. This edition has 5 new chapters (techniques) in addition to the 40 plus it already contains: Hay box, SRI, Urine Collection & Use, Value Chain Marketing and Climate Change.

In 2002 a translated English version was made available on the World Wide Web via the International Permaculture Research Institute in Australia (and has had over 8200 visits), and later as a free e-book (which has had over 1000 downloads of each of the 5 Volumes) by Permanent Publications of the UK.

If your organization is working in Nepal and interested to purchase copies of the Nepali Farmers’ Handbook to distribute to farming groups and use in your programs, or can otherwise support this project, contact Sunrise Farm. If you are interested to support future printing, please contact to discuss details.